Bucket List Destinations: Escape to the Land Down Under

sydney-363244_1280Australia: it’s a travel destination that polarises people as much as Marmite.  For some, it’s at the very top of their travel bucket list.  For others, it doesn’t even make an appearance.

We’ve all heard the stories of the wildlife, huge in variety and, sometimes, in size.  However, this shouldn’t be a factor to put you off when there are on average only three deaths per year related to wild animals.  When you take into account that there are five cow-related deaths in Britain each year, thirteen vending machine-related deaths across the world each year, and one and a half thousand road traffic collision deaths in Australia each year, doesn’t it become much less off-putting?

Besides, in this large, sparsely populated and varied country, there is so much to see and do that doesn’t involve getting accosted by the odd snake or tarantula.  Beaches such as the Twelve Apostles in Victoria are arguably some of the most stunning on the entire planet.  It’s also located on Great Ocean Drive, one of the world’s most famous road trip routes.  There’s also Kangaroo Island, an Eden for wildlife living in their natural habitat.

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Paint the Town Red at La Tomatina

tomatoes-73913_1920On the last Wednesday of every August—this year, August 31st—thousands upon thousands of people travel from all corners of the globe to the tiny town of Bunol near Valencia, Spain.  Why?  To paint the town red!

No one is completely sure how the La Tomatina festival began.  Since around the end of World War Two, townspeople—and, later, people from all over the world—have gathered in Plaza del Pueblo at the centre of the town to await the arrival of tomatoes from Extremadura.  In past years, the festival would not begin until someone had managed to climb to the top of a two-storey greased wooden pole to retrieve the coveted festival ham, but as this can take a long time, it now simply begins at the first shot.

Festival goers spend the next hour revelling in the chaos by pelting one another with squashed tomatoes, screaming and shouting and laughing and jumping and generally making a huge mess.  After that hour, and the sound of the second gunshot, the fight is over, with not a single further tomato permitted to be thrown.  And then the clean-up begins.  Huge fire trucks spray down the streets with water from one of the old Roman aqueducts.  You’ll be hard pressed to find a truck that will help spray you down, so wash in the Bunol River or find a local resident kind enough to hose you down as you pass by.

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Why You Should Use an Established Timeshare Broker

Hermandad_-_friendshipWhether you’re selling or buying timeshare, a timeshare broker has many advantages.  Deciding on the best broker ensures that you get the perfect deal for your timeshare.  In addition, it eradicates the potential risks associated with advertising separately or through brokerages lacking any proven reputation.

The biggest benefit of choosing an effective broker is increased security. The timeshare industry has stringent legislation that governs how deals are managed – your broker should follow these rules and other guidelines to protect your cash.  Some also use ESCROW accounts held by independent parties to offer their clients extra security.

Apart from offering complete end-to-end security, a broker has lots of advantages for both purchasers and vendors.

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How Timeshare Can SAVE You Money

pennies-15727_1920We’ve all heard the stories of people spending tens of thousands of pounds on a timeshare week and getting burned later when they end up not using it.  They may have even taken out finance in order to pay for it, which means that interest builds up.  While this can all be a nightmare for some, for savvy spenders who wish to secure their future holidays, it can actually save them money in the long run.

It may seem expensive to spend upwards of £10,000 on a timeshare—especially when bought directly from the resort or developer.  However, if your family’s annual holiday costs you £1,000 and you spend twenty years visiting your home resort, spending your points, or exchanging, that initial outlay pales in comparison to how much you’ve saved over two decades of holidaying.

Here are a few ways to save even more money by buying timeshare:

Freeze your costs at the start.  The hotel market can be volatile and prices change all the time.  If a hotel’s price goes up in the future, the cost of travelling to your favourite location increases.  In contrast, the cost of your timeshare never changes.  Even if the price of a hotel increases, you’ll always pay the same amount.  This doesn’t just save you money – it ensures you will take regular vacations that aren’t affected by price changes.

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The Sweet Spot of Mid-Season Travel

autumn-974882_1280The high seasons and low seasons come with their own travel pitfalls.  Travelling in the summer means an increased number of travellers, tourist traffic congestion, high resort occupancy, and very high prices on everything from flights to accommodation.  Travelling in the low season means limited amenities (depending upon the location), cooler temperatures, and sometimes even higher numbers of travellers if you’re travelling close to Christmas.

But what about the ‘shoulder season’?  That sweet spot between high and low is where you’ll find smart holidaymakers basking in fantastic deals, greater availability and thinned-out holiday crowds.  You may even notice a warmer welcome from the locals, able to relax after the exit of the large high season crowds.

So where should you go?  Which locations are best for shoulder season visits to your desired timeshare resort?  Purchase at or exchange into any of the below destinations and we know you’ll experience all of the above and more.

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Bucket List Destinations: Get Your Kicks on Route 66


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Known as the Main Street of America and the Mother Road, Route 66 is a living legend of American culture—and a definite Bucket List Destination.  Stretching over two thousand miles from Chicago to Los Angeles, this road has a long and storied history as one of the country’s first transcontinental highways.  Winding through the Midwest and Southwest, for three decades either side of the Second World War, the highway transported folks from all walks of life.

Following its official decommissioning in 1984, the highway was designated Historic Route 66.  It may no longer be a main route across the country, but it has retained much of its mythical charm due in no small part to the American people.  Towns along the route, once fearing for their existence, have been able to maintain their position and business because of the great American driving vacation: let’s not forget that America is a continent, and one could conceivably never leave it during the course of their life.

What Route 66 offers is not just a beautifully scenic drive, not just kitschy Americana, not just neon signs and rusty truck-stops, but it offers a true cross-section of America.  Beginning in Chicago, it winds its way through the cornfields of Illinois and such Midwestern heartlands as the Ozarks and ends in the golden sunshine of Los Angeles.

Today, we look at four timeshare resorts along Route 66 where you can rest in luxury between stretches of open road.

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Don’t Lose Your Cool: Top Tips for Travelling with Kids

family-591579_960_720 (1)While there are all different kinds of travel, the type universally recognised as more stressful than most is travelling with children.  It requires specific advice and specific planning, and most people seem to believe that family travel has a limiting impact and where you can go and what you can do.  Today, we’re here with some advice for parents travelling with their kids in order to help you make your travels as stress-free and enjoyable as possible.

The sooner children begin travelling, the easier it gets as they get older.  People used to travelling, no matter what their age, automatically have a less stressful time than those not used to travelling because they get used to the way things work.  So it’s not necessarily important to wait until children are older before taking them on their first trip.

Make sure to afford yourself plenty of time when travelling with younger children.  Toddlers in particular love to explore, and won’t share your concerns about having to be in a specific place at a specific time.  Always allow extra time for exploring, stalling, toilet time and the odd tantrum and you’ll be much better at keeping your cool.

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